Death of an F (or the Final-ity of a Users Group)

Update and clarification: None of the film editing users groups mentioned in my original posting are dead. Some have simply changed their names. I received some feedback on this article from some concerned readers that by simply looking at the headline title of this post in a web search, it could result in some confusion about the well-being of the Chicago Final Cut Pro Users Group, now known as the Chicago Creative Pro Users Group, as well as the health of other editing users groups around the country.

They are all alive and well and I’m happy to report that as new filmmakers and editors around the world continue to enter our industry that all of the groups are reporting increased membership and high turnouts for monthly meetings.

They are all still here. Nothing is dead. Some, as the Chicago User Group has, have simply changed their name to reflect a less Final Cut Pro-centric mission going forward.

For those of you looking for the original article posting I wrote, it now has a new headline, less likely to be misunderstood, and you can find it here… and here.

My apologies for any confusion, stress or spit-takes that may have resulted from simply reading the headline without reading through to the entire posting.


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