Billy’s Illinois Primary Voting Guide

We’re taking a break from more worldly topics today and concentrating on my home state of Illinois. It’s our 2012 Primary Election Day tomorrow.

Yep, it’s been our turn to have our televisions inundated with desperate political advertising and our mailboxes full of propaganda from local candidates.

Even with all of that, it’s still important to vote. Yes, even the primaries. As I like to say, you’re more likely in your lifetime to have a face to face encounter with a judge or alderman than you are the President of the United States. It does matter.

But it’s a bit overwhelming, so as a continuing public service on the blog, I like to point out a few sources for getting real actual information about the candidates, rather than relying on their paid advertising.

First up, The Windy City Times. The LGBT community is hella plugged in to local politics. And more often than not, I find myself in complete alignment with their recommendations. Here’s a link to their 2012 Election Survey which lists the results of questionnaires sent out by several LGBT agencies.

If you’re more conservative in your thinking, The Chicago Tribune has a list of their endorsements here.

Here in Chicago, the Cook County Bar Association has a list of it’s judge recommendations here.

So there you go. Print the lists. Take them with you to your polling place (you are completely allowed to bring lists into the voting booth as long as any material your bring in is not campaign literature), and vote.

If you’re someone who feels, “They’re all corrupt and it doesn’t make any difference who gets elected,” then how about just voting out the incumbent? Throw the bums out. Keep doing it until you’re happy with your government. At some point, they may get the message.

Really, seriously. It matters. Even if you hate politics.

Thank you. We now return you to your regularly scheduled photography blog.

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