The 4th, Nearly Annual, New Years Redux

About six years ago, I remember trying to figure out which of the many New Years Eve options I would be participating in. For a long time I’ve felt New Years Eve is a bit of an amateur hour. High expectations, entry level, over-served drinkers and the pressure that if you didn’t have an incredible New Years Eve, the rest of your year would be equally sub par.

So I decided New Years needed a do-over. A chance to ring in  the new year in a much more reasonable way. No pressure. No worrying about who you were going to try to kiss or be kissed by at the stroke of midnight. No stumbling drunk girls stealing your cabs.

And New Years Redux was born.

DJ Rafáel slow jams the Redux

Half way through my first New Years Redux back in 2006, I was amazed out how many people breathlessly came up to me and said, almost in desperation,

“You’re going to have this again next year, right? It’s going to be an annual thing?”

“Um, sure. I guess. You’re having a good time?”

“Yes! This is such a good idea!”

And so, more often than not since then, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Eve, because a lot of people have the next day off, I throw my nearly annual New Years Eve Redux party.

This year I had a DJ, the amazing… well he’s so new he doesn’t have a DJ moniker yet. But we’ve been kicking around a few names for him. Anyway, we’ll call him Rafáel for now. He played a deliriously cool six and a half hour set. I kept telling him we could put on Pandora or something so he could take a break, but her wouldn’t have it. He just kept going.

DJ Energizer Bunny? Naw… We’ll keep looking.

My photography studio filled up nicely with great friends, old and new. It really does turn into a nice party place. People brought delicious things to eat and drink. Wonderful wines that were those kinds that are saved for special occassions. Lovely plates of handmade creations.

And whoever brought the bottle of Patron XO Cafe Tequila Coffee Liqueur, nice thinking outside of the box. I will be enjoying that for some time to come. A lovely thing to discover in the bar area the next morning.

And two of my great friends from the past, Charlie and Kim, gave me a belated Christmas present of a pair of beautiful martini glasses with exquisite Eiffel Tower stems. They know me too well. I immediately put them into service with a few cosmopolitans I enjoyed throughout the evening.

As always, we counted down at midnight, as DJ Rafáel, yeah I think we’ll go with that, went old school with Prince’s 1999. It was hysterically inspired. Great fun.

About 1am, a dance party broke out, as it often does, and the music took another odd but good turn featuring music I hadn’t heard since college and was produced before many of the lingering dance party guests were born. We did shoot some footage that turned into an impromptu music video of sorts, but I think we’ll keep that under wraps until someone decides to run for public office.

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