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If I didn’t have the opportunity to do what I do, I’d probably be a teacher. I love knowledge sharing. And this summer- in fact, this week– I’m beginning to teach a 10 week course on Digital Filmmaking at

The good people at fxphd and I have been trying to get together for a few years now to have me join their amazing team of instructors. And now, we have.

They have courses on graphics, animation, special effects, photography, audio, editing and anything else related to the creation of visual content. If you feel like you want to increase your skill set, fxphd is a great way to go. You can check out the orientation week video for the July term here.

My course this term is called DOP213 – DSLR Filmmaking. Here’s some info on what it’s about direct from the fxphd site:

In the past, we’ve traveled to Japan as well as the wilds of West Yellowstone to focus on DSLR filmmaking. In DOP213, we’re staying close to home and focusing on one photographer’s base of knowledge to bring a very approachable and practical course on DSLR filmmaking. Professor Billy Sheahan ( has been shooting stills and video for over two decades. With the developments in DSLR cinematography, it’s only in the past few years however that he’s become happy with the the image he is able create with motion technology. His background as an award-winning editor and a passion for photography makes him the perfect fit for fxphd. His passion for both has enabled him to contribute his motion photography to major projects and national television commercials — most accomplished more easily than you’d expect. He’ll be showing you how this term.

The course will walk you through filmmaking from Sheahan’s perspective, with a bit of focus on model/live talent photography (though other areas will be covered as well) and how taking the simple path can lead to excellent visual results. Each week will feature an easy to accomplish mini shoot and resulting exercise for members. One week it might be to light with sources you might find in the average living room. The next week, to shoot day for night. Members will be encouraged to share their work with others in the forums.

You can review the 10 week outline at the DOP213 link above.

I’m really looking forward to sharing how I do what I do in a world wide online classroom. Check it out, or have a look at the other offerings and a chance to make yourself more valuable as an artist!

Thanks to John Montgomery and everyone at the fxphd Chicago office for all their support and assistance.

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  1. Billy, congratulations. I couldn’t think of a better teacher than you and look forward to seeing the materials, and ultimately learn from one of the best amongst us.

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