Yummy Yummy FishBar, a Saturday lunch treat

FishBar Chicago

I love it when I’m waking up at home on a Saturday morning. Coffee, checking email, relaxing.

And then I get a phone call from my good friend Mark about heading out to lunch and an overdue catch-up.

Mark and his wife Melissa arrived to pick me up and we went over a list of potential lunch options. We settled on a place none of us had been to before, FishBar, in Chicago’s Lincoln Park.

FishBar describes itself as a Crab Shack. It’s casual, light, open and perhaps one of the friendliest places we have been to in a long time. The very diminutive and cheerful Debbie greeted us with a huge smile and found us three seats at the counter which is designed to keep the eating traffic and the server traffic separate for optimal travel to and fron the kitchen. It works. Very efficient.

FishBar Oysters

Mark and Melissa and I began our usual catch-up conversation, but it became increasingly difficult to do anything but enjoy the food after a while. No time for talking.

The vibe at Fishbar is tremendous. Everyone seems to be having a good time. Shortly after we had ordered a round of osyters and Belgium beer, Sasha the manager stopped by to see how we were doing.

Before long he was giving us samples of things to try on the menu and a few things that he was planning to roll out for summer. Delicious and fun.

My personal favorite was the lobster roll, but it was hard to pick just one thing we loved. Soft shell crabs, more oysters, a seafood Cobb salad. We just kept ordering. I lost track of what we were eating. It was just all so good, no time to keep track of what everything was.

FishBar Key Lime and Chocolate Pie

FishBar has an atmosphere that I can only describe as, it makes me feel like I’m on vacation. I can’t exactly say why, except that I felt content and relaxed.

FishBar is owned by the every growing DMK partners, David Morton and Michael Kornick, which includes DMK Burger Bar, right next door to FishBar. They seem to be doing a lot of things right.

For desert, we tried a piece of both the Key Lime and Chocolate pies. Delicious and a perfect way to end our amazingly fun Saturday lunch.

We signed up for the DMK Restaurants Frequent Fryer Club. One dollar spent equals one point good for food and other entertainment. According to the points list, we’re only 4,999,880 points away from redeeming them for David Morton and Michael Kornick’s houses. Good to know.

As we began to leave, Sasha extracted himself from behind the counter and we continued to talk about FishBar and other restaurants we all enjoyed.

We walked into the coolish afternoon nearly bouncing up and down at the great time we had. Nothing like a spontaneous new restaurant pick to knock the weekend up a notch.


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