Summer Seriously Arrives in Chicago, and in other news, Facebook Launches Facial Recognition

97 degrees in Chicago

Chicago’s psychotic weather continues, going straight from March to August in a week. All in all, 97 degrees is better than 40 degrees, it’s just hard to make the switch so quickly. Now I know how lobsters feel when they get thrown into a pot of boiling water. It’s kinda like that in Chicago today.

Or to put it another way, walking around the city feels like you’re constantly standing under a hot dryer exhaust vent.

But it’s just part of the changing seasons I guess. And it’s a good reminder that a new season means it’s time to see what Facebook is up to with your privacy settings.

This month’s fun new feature that you’ve automatically been opted-in to, involves Facebook’s new facial recognition. Apparently Mark Zuckerberg feels that your noggin is not getting tagged enough by your friends. And he’s here to help.

Unless you disable this new feature in your privacy settings, the certainly well meaning and benign Facebook robot computers are busy scanning every photograph that’s uploaded. When it finds one containing your lovely visage, doing who knows what last weekend, it will automatically send messages to your friends to tag you. Because an untagged photo is like… oh, I don’t know… making a small child cry, I guess.

Is this a bad thing? That’s up to you. Not Mark Zuckerberg.

It just seems a little creepy to me. Another example of Facebook’s policy of using your information in a new way without telling you first. Mark says if Facebook asks for your permission first, you might not opt-in and miss all of Facebook’s creamy chocolate social goodness.

I’ve said it many times before but every time Facebook makes a privacy change, it bears repeating:

You are not Facebook’s client, you are Facebook’s inventory.

And if you cloak yourself in privacy, how are they going to sell you?

If you too are creeped out by this new feature/invasion of your privacy, here’s how to turn Facial Recognition Tagging off, which you can do it in seven easy steps! Yes, only seven steps this time.

1) Click the Account tab.

2) Then click on Privacy Settings.

3) Locate the Customize Settings link near the bottom of the page and click on it.

4) Scroll down to the Things Others Share section.

5) Locate the Suggest photos of me to friends setting and click Edit.

6) Change the Suggest photos of me to friends from Enabled to Disabled.

7) Click Okay.

There! One less face for the overworked Facebook robots to keep track of. I’m sure they’re already thanking you for it.


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