The Last Baseball Game Ever?… Probably Not

The fog rolls in at US Cellular Field

Someday Summer is going to arrive in Chicago. Not last night however.

My Art Director friend Pete invited me out to see the Chicago White Sox play the Los Angeles Dodgers on what we thought was going to be a lovely warm Spring evening.

And then the fog rolled in. The English Jack the Ripper kind of fog. The fog where you know something E-vil is going to happen.

The game was a rematch of the 1959 World Series. They’re doing it all over the country with other teams also. The Chicago Cubs are playing the Boston Red Sox this weekend, reenacting the 1918 World Series there.

And Chicago lost in both cities last night.

Stan the bullpen security guard watching though the fog

Pete and I managed to have a good time anyway. And we both agreed that if The Rapture does happen later today, we’re both going to show up again on Sunday, with him managing the White Sox (you know Ozzie is a believer) and me taking my place as the White Sox organist (We hear the new organist who replaced Nancy Faust this year plays the organ at her church, so you know that spot will be vacant too). It should be a good time.

It’s always fun to sit in season ticket holders seats because everyone knows everyone. From the security guard keeping fans from taunting the Dodgers’ bullpen to the usual suspects around Pete, everyone says hello and catches up on life during the game.

Me and Pudge, Carlton Fisk

Pete and I took a tour around the ballpark a couple of times, talking old baseball stories as kids growing up. Exactly the kind of thing that makes baseball fun for me, even though I miss old Comiskey Park like crazy when I visit The Cell. I even took a picture next to my baseball hero, Carlton Fisk, in statue form.

And I have to admit I was a bit awestruck watching the Dodger bullpen right next to our seats. There is nothing more terrifying than imagining having to hit a Major League fastball. Watching Scott Elbert a few feet away, warming up before he was sent in to shut down the White Sox was a bit of a treat.

The temperature continued to drop throughout the game, down to 47 degrees by the time we finally left. The Sox had managed to let the Dodgers tie the game in the top of the ninth with two outs and two strikes on Russ Mitchell, hitting .071 until his game tying home run. I’m not sure if even the Dodgers weren’t disappointed with that, knowing the game was now going to continue into extra innings on a cold and foggy night.

Dodgers pitcher Scott Elbert warming up in the bullpen

The Dodgers picked up two more in the 10th to seal it away and Pete and I decided that even as curious as we were to stay for the post-game fireworks show accompanied by “Mullet Inspired Music,” it was just too cold. Just as well. There was so much fog by that point that the fireworks were nearly hidden anyway.

We said our goodbyes and walked out after a very interesting night of baseball. I’m pretty sure there will be more baseball after the so-called Rapture prediction. What we don’t know yet is if Pete and I will have new jobs on Sunday. We’re pretty sure we’ll both be left behind with lots of other fun people if it does happen.

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