I Can’t Stand the Rain, In My Window, Bringing Back Sweet Memories…

It’s raining again, in Chicago… again. It’s like it’s Halloween and Chicago dressed up like Seattle and forgot to take off its costume last month.

But it could be worse, I guess. It could be snowing. And rain does make for some pretty pictures through my window. Impressionistic photographs. Like my own little Claude Monet gallery every time I look up from my desk.

So yes, it could be much worse.

So I usually look at extended rainy periods as a chance to stop and think and perhaps make a few photographs.

As a photographer, the rain can actually be quite lovely. As long as you can keep your camera from getting soaked. I’ve been completely drenched standing out on a Paris balcony making hundreds of one-second exposures, trying to handhold my camera as steady as possible while the shutter was open while trying to capture a lightning strike. It worked. And I managed to keep my camera relatively dry by holding a plastic bag over the top of it.

Here’s one of the many frames where I actually caught the lightning.

But back to Chicago. Rainy, wet, Chicago.

The weather has been positively psychotic this year. We had temperatures in the 80s in February and low 40s just a few days ago. It has been a little bit of fun watching everyone trying to play outerwear-roulette every day. Mother Nature, it seems, has a sick sense of humor.

It appears April Showers now bring May Thunderstorms… and tornados… and flooding.

So we make the best of it. Pretty pictures and afternoons of catching up on movies I’ve been meaning to watch on my sofa. It could be worse.

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