Billy Sheahan Photography- New & Improved for the iPad

It’s always interesting to see the collective world react to something new. Especially when it comes from a company that leads the way when it comes to shiny new technology.

When Apple released the iPad last month, you could almost hear the unanimous cheer, which was followed immediately by a groan as thousands of web designers realized their websites using Flash technology wouldn’t display on the new iPads that everyone was trying out for the first time.

Talk about a bad morning after.

Many of us were somewhat prepared. My site, through the brilliant designers at A Photo Folio, already had iPhone and HTML versions that would automatically direct the new Flash-less iPad browsers to. But it wasn’t quite the same big rich experience on the larger iPad screens as it was in a traditional web browser.

Until today.

I’m happy to say that both my main photography site and blog are now both viewable in full iPad splendor. We’ll continue to tweak things under the hood as we go, but my iPad viewers will no longer have to navigate to the HTML version of my site to see my photography.

Thanks to the amazing people at aphotofolio for continuing to engineer great photography websites that showcase big beautiful images – no matter what device you happen to be viewing on.

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