Ding dong the beard is dead!… And where are the postcards?

Nothing like an early Spring to put an entire city in a happy mood. I’m positively giddy these days myself.

And I managed to stay true to my personal promise to myself that I wouldn’t shave my beard off until I was caught up on all my 2009 projects. I started growing it January 1st, thinking I would have it shaved off my the end of that month or maybe half way through February at the latest.

Well. It’s been a busy year already. Once again considering myself very very fortunate to have as much work coming in as I have so far in 2010, but it made it a bit tricky to tie up all those loose ends as 2009 careened to it’s mad-capped close. Wow. what a year 2009 turned out to be. In the best possible way.

So here’s one last look at the beard. I’ve been back to the clean shaven baby face for a week now.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m thrilled and amazed that I’ve been hired to do as much motion shooting as I have the last six months for both national and international clients. So much so that it has outpaced my still work this year.

I guess it makes sense, even though it’s been a little unexpected. People see my still work and wonder if I can translate that into motion. Turns out I can! It’s been great to diversify into another visual medium. The results have been really great and my new motion clients have been as happy as I am.

That’s great and all, Billy…. but what happened to the monthly postcards?!

Well the simple answer was that January was extremely busy and I fell behind, thinking I would make up for it by sending out two in February… and then February kept going like a stampede of horses. And March, pretty much the same.

And here we stand in April.

The postcards have been great fun for the last few years. I really enjoy making them and writing the accompanying stories on the back. I believe I started them as a monthly calendar back in 1999, with a photograph and a small calendar sharing the front of the card and eventually the calendar got bumped off to make more room for the photography.

I took a break from making them for a short time between 2004 and 2005 and in 2007 switched from a postage mailing of hundreds of postcards a month (the postage was killing me) to an email version with a paid subscription version for those who really loved to get the physical postcard in the mail.

2008 added a Gallery of the Month on the Billy Sheahan Photography website to go along with the image on the postcard each month.

2009 heralded audio tours of the Gallery of the Month and occasionally motion videos to go with the monthly image.

Through the years I experimented with different styles, even sending out a few 3D stereo postcards that I took with a vintage 1950s Kodak stereo camera.

If you click on the March/April 2005 postcard below and cross your eyes until you see three images and concentrate on the middle one, you’ll feel like your in Chicago’s Lincoln Park on a rainy Spring day.

Just don’t do it for too long or you’ll get a headache!

So in conclusion, the postcards aren’t gone, I just needed a break from all the work involved in creating them and the galleries and videos each month! It simply became too time consuming with all the projects I was trying to complete at the beginning of this year.

They’ll be back…. now that the beard is gone and I can come up for air for a little while and enjoy this fine Chicago Spring!

I’ll be back out there with my cameras shortly looking for the moments here and there when I can create some much overdue personal work.

I miss it as much as many of you say you do!

In the meantime you can check out the last four years of monthly postcards on my website in the postcard archive here.

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