A new look for the Billy Sheahan Photography Blog

It’s always nice to do a little cleaning and rearranging when Spring arrives. I always get the itch to change things up a bit.

But change for the sake of change isn’t always good. It’s the improvement that matters.

So I’m back to black type on white. Matches my main photography site a little better and is just easier to read I think.

The new layout also gives me a chance to show some photography at the top of the page which I can change out whenever I wish. It will probably be a mix of new photos and old favorites.

And for those who want to read a lot, the archives (in the sidebar to your right and a bit below) now go back to 2003.

It’s fascinating to think I’ve been blogging for seven years!

Both interesting and a little embarrassing to read all the old entries! And all of the photo links that were broken after years of moving the blog from host to host over the years have been fixed. We have pictures!

Hope you all enjoy the new look and happy Spring! The picture above is one I took with my iPhone last week.

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