Billy Sheahan Photography December 2009 Postcard


“I’m not sure if I got it. Maybe we should try one more.”

The look on my model’s face said otherwise. She wasn’t a smoker, just pretending to be one for the shoot.

The great thing about shooting digitally is you can see what you have instantly. The bad thing about shooting digitally is that if I’m constantly playing back pictures in the viewfinder, I find I become detached from my subject and the shoot. It’s called “chimping,” and I’ve taught myself to return to the days of shooting film when you really didn’t know if you had it until you processed the film.

You had to trust your instincts.

“Yeah, I got it.”

So we moved on, hoping the unpredictable perfect swirl of smoke had been captured. It’s freeing to just go with your gut.

Shooting film taught me to know when I had it, or at least be pretty sure. It forces you to really be in the moment and I find most shoots go better without the constant interruption of chimping.

Photography is like a dance, if you have to look at your feet, you’re not really dancing.

Thanks to everyone who made my 2009 a really great year!

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