New Orleans and… Japan, of all places

The opening at Octavia Art Gallery in New Orleans was tremendous and amazing. I really love it here. I met more incredible artists and people who came by to check out all the great photography at the Exotica Exhibition. The gallery manager Emily was so kind in the way she welcomed me and made me feel right at home in their lovely space. The gallery had been painted a rich deep red for the evening and it made all the artwork really stand out in a beautiful way.

Besides the art, the talented and lovely Trixie Minx performed two of her burlesque routines throughout the evening, adding another layer of fabulousness to the night.

I always enjoy my time here in The Big Easy and I always feel inspired while being here. The weather is warm, sunny and pleasant and there’s nothing better than talking long walks through the Garden District. And I got my streetcar pass for those longer excursions when I’m traveling uptown or to the Quarter.


I made the mistake again of mentioning to one of the gallery patrons last night that my hotel was “east” of here, and was promptly reminded in that most friendly New Orleans way, that there is no north, south, east or west in New Orleans. It’s all Uptown, Downtown, the Quarter, etc.. Ah, yes. Now I remember!

Turnout to the opening was really great. Octavia has a great following and there were all kinds of people coming by throughout the evening to view the artwork.

I had great long conversations with so many people about New Orleans, art and life in general. Always a great time to connect with some of the most warm and welcoming people on the planet.


In other news, I am completely astounded by the response to my new Billy Sheahan Photography iPhone app that came out late Thursday evening. As I write this, we’re approaching 2000 installs worldwide. And it appears that I can now use the phrase, “I’m huge in Japan!” The Japanese are responsible for nearly half of the downloads. I guess they love the photography of this particular round-eye.

So it’s been a great week. Incredibly busy. In fact I’m doing a lot of color correcting and retouching of photoshoots from the past couple of weeks while in New Orleans. But I can’t complain. My office these days is a beautiful courtyard at my hotel under the warm sunny sky.

Life really couldn’t be any more lovely at the moment. I’m feeling very fortunate and grateful.

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