Escaping Ida

FADE IN: Billy sitting alone at a table at a cafe in New Orleans under a single light, that even though it’s noon, illuminates only him. A cigarette dangles from his mouth, channeling William Shatner… or is it Stewie?

“She packed my bags… last night… pre-flight….

Zero hour… 5…. pm…

And I’m gonna be…


as a kite… by then….”

That is, unless Tropical Storm Ida has other plans for me.

It’s been a great trip back to New Orleans again for the Octavia Art Gallery show last Saturday night. Although I’ve spent much more time working than playing this visit.

I brought a portable drive with work that seems to follow me around these days. But, if I have to be working, New Orleans is a lovely change of venue. Here’s another photo from the opening, featuring the lovely Trixie Minx.

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