Billy Sheahan Photography November 2009 Postcard

In the mid 1940s, Paris, France was struggling to regain it’s footing as the fashion capital of the world. Materials and fabric shortages, not to mention food shortages, conspired to drive Parisien designers to near extinction. In 1945, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue hired Richard Avedon to photograph the Paris Collections in the way it was remembered before the war.

His glamourous photographs helped rejuvenate the spirit of Paris and became the standard for fashion photography for years to come. I recently was fortunate enough to see some of those original prints in New York over the summer. They remain stunning to this day.

I have many influences in my photography, and Avedon is at the top of the list. I used his books as my classroom when I began shooting fashion. So when I had the chance to shoot with the lovely Amiria Divine this fall, we created something inspired by those 50 year old photographs.

Classic fashion photography continues to inspire my work, aujourd’hui et toujours.

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