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I’m pretty sure this is the longest I’ve gone in years without writing in my blog here. Exactly a month ago was the last entry. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s just not possible to accomplish everything on one’s to do list and still get enough sleep to remain healthy.

There is simply: What do I wish to accomplish and what is possible to accomplish? Mix those two and I end up with, what are the most important things to accomplish… and go with that. And then I do it.

So blogging has been on the wish list, but not on the most important list.

My Photography Life has been full of amazing things lately.

I have a photography exhibition opening in New Orleans again on Saturday November 7th at the beautiful Octavia Gallery. So I’ve been getting prints ready for the gallery. Big beautiful prints of some of my naked work. Octavia_1

It’s going to be a great show. Now all that’s left is signing the prints, and getting all the gallery contracts signed and delivered.

I had a lovely time shooting Amiria Divine and Asphyxia again. That’s her in the polka dots at the top of the blog. Two incredible muses that inspire me to make the most lovely images. They were a great discovery this year and I will continue to work with them for a long, long time. Now I just have to find a few hours to edit the new work! A fun part of my job, but one that requires me to sit down with a clear head and go through all the choices.

I’ve also had the good fortune of beginning to collaborate with the good people at SoloModels. Their owner and lead designer is a great guy called Hoss who found me last month and we’ve decided to do some cross promotion between our sites. A lot of my work is scrolling across the SoloModels homepage this week. He’s currently designing another great surprise to promote my photography that is almost ready for release…

My Billy Sheahan Photography iPhone App! Yes, Billy Sheahan Photography… there’s an App for that. It’s really been an exciting process and we’re putting the finishing touches on the coding of it as I write this. It will be a free App from the iTunes Store and now you’ll be able to carry my photography and videos around with you in your pocket. Perfect for those long commutes when you’re tired of staring at the guy sitting across from you.

I’m continuing to create a lot of motion work for my Directing and Film Editing Reels. It’s been really incredible to shoot HD video during my still shoots and creates an entirely new way to express my artistic vision. I’ll have another great piece that fellow editor Joe Clear created for me using my photography of the New Orleans Lower 9th Ward which will be part of the October Photography Postcard, due out any day now. Another one of those important things to finish on my to do list these days.

My photograph of the President Obama Rally in Chicago’s Grant Park on Election Night is continuing to make the rounds in Washington DC Galleries. It will be moving to a FOTOWEEK show at the Edison Place Gallery in Penn Quarter and the Crystal City BID beginning next month after a run all summer at the Newseum.

And speaking of that photograph, a few weeks ago I received a lovely thank you note from the President and First Lady for large framed photograph that I sent them at The White House during Inauguration Week last January. It’s the same photograph that is being exhibited at the galleries there. I’m actually glad it took them this long to write back. I’d rather see them working on the Health Care Bill than stopping to write thank you notes to me.

And I’m going to be having a short exhibition of my Paris Foncé (Dark Paris) work back up at The Gallery at The Colonie for the next month or so. It’s work I created during my visit to Paris in 2008 taken almost exclusively in the middle of the night during long walks through my favorite city.

Whew. A lot going on, but it’s all been great. 2009 has turned out to be a great year. I feel fortunate to be as busy as I am, so when I start to feel the crush of my to do list, there’s really no where else I’d rather be.

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