Chicago and New Orleans and everything in between

Well it’s turning out to be a busy and productive Fall here at Billy Sheahan Photography. Lots of long days but plenty to show for it.

I’ve been shooting like someone’s going to take away my camera. Incredibly prolific time these days. Everything from beauty to music to advertising and even a television commercial. And that’s just in the last two weeks.

My computers are keeping the studio warm and cozy with all the photography processing going on. At least it will save on my heating bill as Chicago begins it’s descent into cold weather hell.

I’ve been photographing the lovely Amiria Divine quite a bit lately. It turns out that we work very well together and we both have a long list of projects to get to. Here’s one of her in beautiful red that we made about a week ago. We shot HD of the photoshoot as well and it’s looking amazing as I begin the edit of it.


I’ve also been spending a lot of time in the recording studio the last week. I had three shoots at Chicago Recording Company for publicity/CD covers of several musicians. One of them, Veronika Horvath, is a country singer… from Hungary. Her story of how she got from there to Nashville is going to make a great film someday. She was charming and talented and not afraid to have fun for my camera. And an amazing voice as well.


Growing up, I was in a band in high school, always thinking maybe we didn’t have to be studying for the chemistry test on Friday because we might get signed before then. I’m glad I studied. Yesterday I photographed a couple of musicians who are still in high school, but blew me away with their playing abilities. I photographed Jacob here as he was laying down a guitar track in the studio. The kid has mad skills. An amazing talent and he’s only going to get better. And a really nice guy. It’s clearly all about the music with him.

Last Saturday, I got a call asking if I could shoot shoot a television commercial on Sunday… the next day. We shot about 100 scenes in my studio and locations around Chicago. A long day and certainly a very quick way to shoot something like that. But it was a bit of an emergency and I’m always up for an insane challenge.

My new iPhone App is out at Apple waiting for their approval before it goes online at the iTunes store. It took a month of design and coding to get it ready and it looks great. I’m really excited about another little bit of promotion for my work. I get fewer and fewer calls to see my physical photography portfolio. I still keep it updated because there is really nothing like looking at big beautiful prints on paper, but with my website and the schedules of art directors and art buyers, it’s just easier for them to click and enjoy.


I’ve noticed lately that emails are just becoming a lot of noise and people, even people I work closely with, aren’t bothering to actually read much past the first sentence or two. We’ve Twittered ourselves into attention spans of 140 characters or less and it makes for difficult communication sometimes. So I’ll continue to look for new and inventive ways to get people excited about viewing my work. It certainly seems to be working these days.

A show of more of my Naked Work opens in New Orleans in a week at Octavia Art Gallery. It’s going to be a great show and it seems like that city has really gotten turned on to Billy. Opening Night is November 7th and is going to be an amazing time with performances and burlesque dancers. Opening night is called A Night to Remember, and I’m sure it will be. A perfect time of year to visit one of my favorite warm cities for art and sexy fun.

So that’s a small peek into my photography world. And since it’s Halloween, I’ll leave you with another photograph that Amiria and I made recently. She was literally climbing my walls at one point during the shoot. She’s great. Much much more to come with her!

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