BIlly Sheahan Photography October 2009 Postcard

What a difference a couple of miles makes. New Orleans is a complicated city. One of my favorites in the world. But complicated.

When I visited there last February for a gallery exhibition I was showing my photography in, most of New Orleans looked like it was getting back to normal 3-1/2 years after Katrina. But when I visited the Lower 9th Ward. It remained frozen in time. Very little progress had been made.

I made lot of photographs of that neighborhood and then returned to the French Quarter and Canal Street. The streetcars rolled past. The tourists on Bourbon Street laughed and imbibed. Life had moved on for a large part of the city. But not all.

But it’s a great art community there and I’ll be returning in November to show my photography at Octavia Art Gallery. I love the warm generous people of New Orleans. It feels like my second artistic home in many ways.

You can see new still images of New Orleans in the The Gallery of the Month Portfolio, and the :30 commercial called “Where Can I Help?” created from my photographs of the Lower 9th Ward (by brilliant film editor Joe Clear) in my Motion Portfolio, both at

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