Random thoughts as summer fades

Chicago_24Aug2009_0003After pretty much abandoning myspace (I only sign on a few times a month when I get a message from someone), I’m starting to grow weary of facebook as well.

Maybe I’m just prioritizing my time better, but I find I can go days without checking facebook and I feel I really don’t miss it much. I much more enjoy spending time with friends face to face instead of wall to wall.

bemydaddyAnd then there are the facebook ads. They’re out of control. Today in my right hand column I saw, “Be my Daddy,” with a picture of an attractive woman under it.

Really, facebook? Be my daddy? It may be time to pull the plug on facebook.

On a more positive note, it’s been really great to get all the lovely feedback on the August postcard and video of Jillian. I really have been enjoying doing more motion shooting the last six months. I used to direct years ago, and it seems like everything has come full circle again. Nice to be doing that again.

And after an extremely busy summer, I needed to pull the plug and take some time off, so I cleared my schedule the week before Labor Day and got some nice decompression time. Not exactly rest because there was a lot of paperwork and work around the studio that’s needed some attention. No phones, no surfing. Just some nice quiet time and a chance to catch up at a leisurely pace. It was necessary and I feel like I’m ready to take on the next few months now.

On Saturday, I had a lovely little private U2 concert in my studio. We not exactly in my studio, it was right outside my window on the street. And it wasn’t exactly U2 either, but few a few moments there, I thought it was.

You see, when your studio is across the street from Oprah’s studio, you never know what’s going to happen. Lots of random celebs coming in and out.

No, this time it was a really really good U2 cover band called Vertigo that had set up on the street outside my window, for reasons I don’t understand at this point, and put on a really great show for about an hour an a half. They really really sound like U2 live. It was nice to pull up my nice comfy chair to the window and enjoy the music. They played everything I wanted to hear and I didn’t even have to brace the crowds at Soldier Field this weekend for the real U2.

I usually try to keep politics out of the blog, but I have to say, it’s been very disheartening seeing the state of the “debate” on the health care issue facing the country. In the last decade or so, I’d have to say my internal political gut has been pretty much 100% correct the last decade or so. Hindsight seems to match my opinions years ago. And my something is really wrong meter is in the red over all the misinformation being passed off as fact the last few months.

I’m very well read, from multiple sources. So it pains me that the “low-information voters” are fighting against their own interests again. Ask yourself, are you getting your information and news from more than one source, and more importantly from more than one “side?” If you’re not, then you might be one of those low-information voters that are stacking the deck against yourselves. Cable news is designed to push your buttons, no matter which side of the fence you sit on. It’s not really news anymore. It’s commentary. And not always truthful or in your best interests.

Please, for the good of the country, expand your horizons. Check out factcheck.org once in a while. It calls out people on both sides when they bend the truth or outright lie. Try a new news source occasionally. Ask yourself if the people you trust for your news are in the business to make money keeping the polarizing at fever pitch. Do a little research and find out if that grass roots group is really organized by ordinary citizens or is it astroturfing by big corporations hiding behind a wall of those same low-information voters?

A little digging beneath the surface will help us all in the long run.

On a less serious note, one way to see how companies are feeling the pinch of the sagging economy is to see how they’re advertising. Take my razor. I can milk a blade set for a month, waaaay longer than Gillette would like me too. So they are running commercials like I’ve never seen in the years since I’ve been old enough to shave about when to change my blade because I know I’m not the only one stretching a razor blade until it’s as dull as a tax seminar.

Chicago_24Aug2009_0009And happily, the weather in Chicago has been downright spectacular the last month or so. I made the photographs above a couple of weeks ago at a free summer concert at Pritzker Pavillion at Millennium Park.  Completely pleasant. There is not a better time to be in this city. I made a few phone calls so it lasts a little longer this year before fall and winter knock on the door. You’re welcome, fellow Chicagoans!

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