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I am fortunate that I am busy this summer. Bordering on too busy, but I’m not complaining. I’ll admit I’m getting a little crispy though. So when I get a day to play, it’s really appreciated. I took in my second baseball game of the summer with my new friend Lexi, watching the White Sox pound the Yankees. I have mixed feelings about that because I love New York. But it was fun to see a very high scoring game.

She had great tickets in the 4th row of the upper deck looking down the right field line. A very nice vantage point.


We talked and enjoyed ourselves all afternoon. One of the reasons I love going to baseball games is that it’s very relaxing to sit outside for a few hours in summer weather. Especially lately. Relaxing once in a while is very necessary.

Oh, and don’t let the dark iPhone images fool you. It really was a nice day for the ball game. Sometimes I just like to make my photos look a little dramatic. That kind of things happens when you spend too much time indoors working all summer.

Growing up, I was a huge White Sox fan. Loved going to old Comiskey Park. Nothing like it. When they torn it down, a little part of my love for baseball and the White Sox died. But I found a new beautiful park to love on the North Side. I began sending Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf my Cubs ticket stubs for a few years after that. He never wrote back. I’m sure he meant to.


After the game, Lexi and I made our way up to Logan Square, where I met up with more friends on the roof of their two flat on what I leaned was the 10th Annual Rooftop Movie Night.

Jeff and Loo go to estate sales looking for long forgotten 8mm and 16mm films. They come back with boxes of them and cull through them looking for Rooftop Movie Night material. As the sun set, a nice group of us enjoyed an amazing dinner before we got the blankets out for the film portion of the evening.


This year’s presentation included a recently deceased Chicago actor’s 1960s corporate films, including a sales film on the new Frigidaire 1961 model year washers and dryers with a very detailed explanation on a state of the art agitator. Pure Sales Action!

Another film on telephone etiquette was also very amusing. “Use your normal speaking voice and articulate clearly when talking on the phone. Notice how Sarah is repeating everything back to the caller for clarity.”

The perfect way to spend a cool summer night.

There haven’t been too many free evenings like this, this summer. So you make the most of them when you come up for air for a bit.

I managed to get the July postcard out the first week of August. I’m hoping to begin working on the August postcard in a few days. I’d really like to be back on schedule before the end of summer. It’s going to be a good one again this month.


I got a lot of great compliments on the July postcard, featuring Asphyxia. I’m looking forward to making more images with her maybe as soon as this month.

Oh and I stumbled across something that warmed my heart a bit walking downtown this past week. The godless in Chicago RV was parked near the Tribune Tower. I was walking one level below, or I would have stopped in to say hello.

It’s the vehicle of Rob Sherman who has for years been loudly advocating what more and more of us believe these days.

It made me smile.

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