Billy Sheahan Photography July 2009 Postcard

As the old song goes… “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’, into the future…” Where has the summer gone already? It’s gone into a prolific amount of work, happily. New adventures and new inspiring muses.

One of the new models I have been fortunate enough to begin working with is Asphyxia. Of all the women I’ve photographed over the years, she comes to play better than any other. More expressions than you can shake a stick at, and incredibly beautifully contorted poses. A sheer pleasure to photograph. It’s been a while since I’ve had a new model who I’ve connected with so well photographically. She makes creating beautiful images so

The photograph on the postcard this month was from our second shoot during a week of shooting. It was difficult to pick a single image out of all of our work together.

It always makes me extremely happy to find models that exude the energy that Asphyxia does. When around the corner of every click of the shutter is a happy surprise. Good collaborations are the result of me pushing her and her pushing me. Laughing all the while. That moment of discovery when you realize something special is happening. Capturing and freezing a moment in time… before it slips into the future.


You can see more of my photography collaboration with Asphyxia, online, at in the Gallery of the Month.

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