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I work hard. I am passionate about my work. But I know I can’t always do it all alone. What makes it possible is this incredible group of supportive people in my life. A group I call


I’m writing this entry during another one of my whirlwind visits to one of my favorite cities in the world. New York City. I’m in the lobby of the beautiful Ace Hotel in midtown Manhattan, doing a little writing before accepting an invitation I received earlier this evening to join everyone at the bar.

On Thursday of this week, I didn’t know I’d be in New York in two days. Things sometimes happen like that. You have to keep your eyes open when the door of opportunity cracks open.

I’m here on a bit of a secret mission that is going to require to me to be in bed fairly early tonight so I can get down to a gallery in Greenwich Village while people are still in bed dreaming NYC dreams.

You look good in that
The Ace is a brilliant hotel. Beautifully designed and fun. Yes, fun. The staff are amazing and after a brief chat with them after I arrived this afternoon they gave me a free upgrade to a deluxe room. A nice way to start my NY project.

I did a little reconnaissance this evening heading down to The Village and checking out the gallery. And while I was there, I realized I hadn’t really eaten anything since yesterday so I walked down the cobblestone streets until I happened upon Cafe Cluny.

A fortuitous choice. It’s a beautiful little restaurant, just what you’d hope for in Greenwich, and they had a delicious Prix Fixe menu. The service was outstanding and the meal was one of the best I’ve had in a long time.

Cafe cluny
I decided to travel light on my little excursion tonight, so I left my big camera back at the hotel. But that didn’t mean I could resist the lovely light as evening descended on Manhattan. I’ve been using my iPhone a lot to allow myself to make photographs without pre-planning. Sometimes you just have to travel light.

Especially coming off the last month and a half. I worked 42 hours over Memorial Day weekend and I haven’t stopped since. My evening tonight in NYC is really the first time in I don’t know how long I’ve been able to just stop and catch my breath. Funny that I had to come here to do it.

Empire state
However, the rest will be a short one. I hit the ground running tomorrow, throwing the dice at an incredible long shot, but one that will change things forever if I manage to pull it off.

The incredible support of Team Billy has made this one possible. I cannot thank them enough for coming through like they always do. Giving me that extra push if I hesitate for a brief moment. Working behind the scenes for me in ways that always astound me. Getting my itinerary worked out before I even have a chance to think about it.

I am a fortunate man.

Wish me luck!

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