Things Change

I was talking to my great friend Rick on the phone the other day. Rick moved his whole life to a Ranch in Montana about a year ago. He sounds great and happy, which is good, because he deserves to sound great and happy.

A lot of things have changed back in Chicago since he’s left. This is a photograph I made this week of what was his favorite hot dog stand – Hot Diggity Dogs. It’s now a vacant lot.

But that’s ok. Those hot dogs were probably killing him anyway. He’s been slimming down with all the walking and fresh air and everything in Montana. Which also means he’ll probably be around a lot longer. Which is also a very good thing.

Plus the sign in the photograph says “200 Steps to Paradise,” so that’s gotta be a good thing too, right?

June has flown past. I mean I’m pretty sure yesterday was May. I’ve been working on getting the June postcard ready this evening, but it’s been a bit of a battle because I have so many recent photoshoots I’d like to use for it.

I’m going to get some sleep and see if that helps me decide which image to go with.

Oh and speaking of changes, I updated the look of the blog, which, if you’re reading it at, you’ve already noticed. The photographs seem to pop a little more and the sidebar navigation seems a little easier to figure out.

Change is good.

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