Twitter, Blog, Book or Sleep?

I really enjoy writing. When I have so much going on that I don’t have time to sit down and clear my head and get my thoughts out, I find that my head gets a little soggy. Sometimes I just have to make time to write to enjoy a moment or two of peace.

I find using my Twitter account isn’t quite the same as composing a few well thought out paragraphs. It’s great for passing on things like the great article I found the other day on The Guardian’s website about French Vogue Editor Carine Roitfeld and why I love to read French Vogue so much more than American Vogue. I let my subscription to American Vogue lapse a few years ago, but held onto my subscription to French Vogue even though it costs ten times as much to get it in the US.

But Twitter doesn’t give me enough room to tell you why. My blog is better for that.

1) Much more creative photography
2) Fewer celebrity for the sake of celebrity covers
3) More compelling article topics (But you have to be able to read French)
4) The more pleasing attitude of how you present yourself rather than who you’re wearing
6) The lovely pace and attitude of Paris I’ve tried to adopt in my own life
5) Much more creative photography (It’s so much better it deserves to be mentioned twice)

But back to writing…

Even though I find Twitter a great way to keep up with photography related topics as there is a lot of great information being shared out there, it’s really not a great place to discuss anything at length.

Often I find myself with something to say and I have to stop and ask whether this is something that is better suited for the 140-characters-or-less in Twitter or a more lengthy discussion in my blog, or perhaps even a better idea for a new chapter in my book. So many choices.

My book is an even better place to tell you about my philosophy of traveling around the world and how I really found Paris and the lifestyle there so appealing to me. I can take the time to tell you in big photographs and complete chapters about my experiences. A much more complete picture.

These days, I fear that having the ability to quickly jot out 140 character thoughts could be distracting me from taking the time to form more full bodied writing the last few months. My book is still proceeding along nicely, although I think it’s going to take longer to complete than I originally thought, of course. And I feel pretty good about the frequency of my blog entries, but I think the number has lessened due specifically to Twitter.

Although, honestly, I believe that Twitter cannot solely be to blame for my shrinking writing time these days. It seems just as I should be ramping down my work level to enjoy the long overdue summertime in Chicago, I seem to be busier than even with photography and advertising projects. I’m certainly grateful to be busy and working, but I’m also feeling like I’m on the verge of forgetting to slow down.

It usually happens for me about twice a year, when I clearly pass the point of needing some time off. I start to make mistakes, not because of carelessness but because I don’t realize the hours in the day than I am working are slowly creeping up past the point of what is healthy on a number of levels. I should be getting more sleep and a soggy mind has difficulty being truly creative.

The last few weeks have been so busy I’m feeling I have passed that point once again this year. It’s that feeling that I’m not really quite present no matter what I’m doing. I’m there physically, really trying hard to pay attention, but probably only processing about half of it.

The pictures above are various photographs I’ve taken while walking around Chicago with my iPhone, part of my plan to keep my eyes open to ordinary things around me, even though I seem to be rushing from place to place. Stopping to make a photograph makes me pause. In a good way.

This last one is the current state of my kitchen counter. It’s a perfect photographic representation of how my life feels right now. Things piling up. Some very wonderful things, but too many of them at the moment and it’s going to take some much needed downtime time to re-discover the clean clear surface of the countertop… and my own peaceful state of mind. Hopefully I find some quality time to write… and sleep as well.

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  1. hey Billy, after reading your latest blog my first reaction was a wave of compassion – poor Billy. Then I thought – well, I already suspected it, but now I know I won’t hear back from him in a while. And that’s okay, because I want you to get some sleep, rest and rejuvenation, so that when we do eventually talk I’ll know you can actually hear me. So if you ever figure out how to do it all and keep up with everything and everybody you might try writing that book. Though probably not exciting to write, it could be a bestseller. Seriously Billy – as agonizing as it is, and as much as many of us would like to believe it – and I know you know this – you have to make choices. And the choice you make around sleep and downtime has a direct and immediate impact on how creative and productive you can be the very next day. So I hope you make the choice to treat yourself well, to take care of yourself as if Billy the artist, Billy the human being, were your lover.
    Love & hugs,

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