Happy and Sad

karolinaamberluz001_16may2009_0025Life can be a blend of emotions sometimes. I’m at the end of one of those weekends where I was as happy as I could be and at the same time very sad.

First the sad. A good friend of mine died on Friday following a battle with cancer. We literally watched her fade away in her hospital bed during the last two weeks. Sally was 41. Too young to leave this life. Beautiful, funny, talented. A joyful work colleague and good friend. I will miss her.

And while all this was happening on Friday, I was working on a project for another colleague of mine who’s father was rushed to the hospital this week. I work with great, generous people who jump in at a moment’s notice when a crisis arrives and now it was my turn to help out so he could be with his family.

So as I worked away late on Friday night at The Colonie, doing the right thing but missing my Friday night fun, my phone rang and the next thing I knew, three lovely model friends of mine had arrived at the office with wine, wondering if we could have a spontaneous photoshoot. (These spontaneous shoots seem to be happening a lot lately.)

I finished up my project and sent it off to the waiting client and filled up my wine glass to find out what was in store. Since I was at my downtown office and not at my studio, I had precious little photo gear with me. In fact, really none to speak of.

But I did have my iPhone.

So I MacGyver-ed it.

karolinaamberluz001_16may2009_0031-2I began shooting using the ShakeItPhoto app that I recently downloaded. But the office light wasn’t doing justice to my three lovely subjects. So I grabbed one of those IKEA paper lamps and turned off the office lights. Much better.

The girls took turns finding interesting places to pose and I followed them around with my iPhone and my paper lamp, dragging a long extension cord behind me, holding the lamp with one hand and shooting with my iPhone in the other. And you know, it was really kind of amazing.

Proving once again that the gear really doesn’t matter if you have a good idea, generous subjects and a need to blow off some steam on a Friday night you thought was lost.

karolinaamberluz001_15may2009_0010We’ve already made plans for them to stop by the studio to have a real shoot with my real camera and lighting equipment. So I can properly do them all photographic justice. But I have to admit, when you are in the mood to create and you don’t have the tools you wish you had, sometimes magic happens anyway!

I am a firm believer in Karma. And I know that when you put good out there, good usually comes back. And for a few hours, the sadness I had been experiencing over the death of my friend was removed from my thoughts by three generous, lovely women. Thank you. I think Sally would have appreciated that.

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  1. Billy!
    I too am a believer in Karma. Sally’s death came to soon for such a generous, talented, and loved woman. I am so happy Karma sent you your 3 model friends to be with you Friday evening. Such beautiful pictures that iPhone can take!! You’re so inspiring!

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