FOTOBAMA exhibit opens today in Washington DC

newseuminviteIt’s been a busy and introspective week here at Billy Sheahan Photography.

First, the FOTOBAMA exhibit opens today May 7th at the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC and runs through September 7th. One of my President Obama Election Night Grant Park Rally photos will be on exhibit as part of their new gallery. Very exciting.

Second, seven of my Italy photographs are being prepared for display in a new Italian restaurant in Lakeview. It’s so new, I don’t even know the name of it yet, but it’s in the 3400 block of N. Southport. They selected some of my favorite photos from Venice, Florence, Lake Como and Mantova and I made large 20×30″ prints for their new dining room. When I have more details on the grand opening, I’ll post them here.

I just returned from a lovely dinner tonight at the home of a great young photographer friend of mine called Rush Zimmerman. She’s got an amazing style and photographs people as well as anyone I’ve ever seen. She showed me some new photos she has made recently including some beautiful work of Keith Richard’s daughter Alexandra Richards.

Uber talented hairstylist Jessica James was there, visiting Chicago after the conclusion of her tour with L’Oréal and cooked us all a delicious dinner. I think it was the first summer dinner get together for all of us this year. The flavorful wine and discussion on our future life plans was a completely wonderful break to the middle of our week.

avilakids_07dec2008_0111And speaking of friends, this week has been a bit of an introspective and sad one as well. A good friend and amazing Chicago designer, Sally Avila has been readmitted to the hospital after her year long battle with cancer. Past and present friends and family arrived at her bedside on Monday to show her the support and love she’s shown to all of us over the years. She was incredibly joyful and strong as dozens of us filed in to her bedside throughout the course of the day. It was incredible to see her so upbeat as she continues to battle.

I photographed her and husband Don’s beautiful little daughters a few months ago. This is a photograph of Sally holding her youngest, Reyna.

This is one of those times when I feel absolutely useless because there is really nothing any of us can do at this point. So we visit, and share a few laughs and tears and celebrate her life while we can. The Avilas are a beautiful family, too young to be struggling through what life has handed them.

I raise a shot of Dewar’s to you Sally.

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