Billy Sheahan Photography May 2009 Postcard

may2009front“I have this really random idea for a photoshoot,” she explained, “But I can’t tell you over the phone, and we need to do it soon.”

“Ok,” I offered, “I’m free tomorrow.”

“I kinda need to do it tonight.”

It was 9:30 on a Monday night. I had a project with clients in early the next morning and so did she.

“I can be there in a half an hour,” she continued.

“Well, alright then,” I laughed, “I’m in. I’m very intrigued.”

She arrived at 10pm and we shot until about 3:30am. We edited the 500 photos down to a handful and then began making final color corrections. At 5am, I put her in a cab.

Random and surprising. The look on her face rather sums up the feeling of the night. Some of my favorite shoots are the spontaneous ones. This one ranks up near the top.


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