Website update… now with an audio tour has a bit of a new look these days. And I’ve added something interesting that’s a bit of an experiment as well. Audio.

I got the idea while visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. I noticed under some of the exhibit descriptions on the walls that there was a telephone number. Ok, I thought. I wonder if this is what I think it is. Sure enough, by calling the number, you an use you phone as an audio tour. Amazing. And since everyone has a cell phone on them, there is no need for those audio wands you used to have to carry around. Very cool.

So I began to think how I might do something similar. I was all ready to go with the telephone number idea this weekend when I realized that the quality of the audio through the phone wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as an audio file on a computer. And since I knew people would be viewing my site on a computer, I decided to tie my audio tour in with my website.

If you’ll notice in the menu, there is now an item called audio tour. If you click on it, a new window opens up and the audio tour starts playing. Right now, it’s a discussion of my photographs from New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward. It’s about 12 minutes in length and if people like it, I’ll do one every month for each new gallery.

42_10Also as part of the new website look, you can now easily see all the thumbnails from every portfolio I have online. A nice easy quick way to browse through every photograph I have online. I’m using a website design from Rob Haggart from APhotoFolio. I really like what Rob has designed for photographers. Nice big photographs and very easy to navigate. Let me know what you think.

The photo above is one I haven’t had online in a long time, if ever. I took this the night the Chicago Bulls won their third championship with Michael Jordan in 1993. The menacing looking Chicago police are walking west on Division Street near Dearborn trying to keep the celebrating under control. But somehow it has the ominous look of the 1968 Democratic Convention.

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