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Photography is something I will never stop learning. There are always new things to be inspired by and discover. Other photographers’ stories, new software tips, photography business practices and marketing.

Photographers are usually a pretty generous lot when it comes to sharing the knowledge. I can’t tell you how many colleagues over the years have passed on valuable information and advice to me. We’re all competitive, but we’re also a community.

I have a list of photography related sites I try to visit every day. I may not read them all top to bottom on a daily basis, but I try to at least visit and skim them seven days a week. They represent an incredible wealth of information that is out there that helps me to be a better photographer. Growing all the time.

Here is a small listing of a few of them (full downloadable list at the bottom of this entry):

Daily must reads on the business of photography include Mary Virgina Swanson’s Marketing Blog, Photo Distric News’ PDN Pulse, Photo Editor Rob Haggart’s A Photo Editor Blog, ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers, which I am a member of) and the local Chicago ASMP Chapter.

There are some great blogs by inspiring photographers out there as well such as my friend and mentor Doug Menuez, Joe McNally, William Gray, Chase Jarvis, Jason Anderson, Melissa Rodwell, Michael Clark and for the photography gearhead nerd in us all, Scott Kelby.

A few great blogs on software, particularly Adobe’s Lightroom which is a my photo organizing software app of choice, include Sean McCormack’s Lightroom-Blog, Matt Kloskowski’s NAPP Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips and Martin Evening’s Lightroom News.

A few magazine blogs worth having a look at include American Photo’s State of the Art Blog, Rangefinder Magazine, and Foto8.

The links above are a small sample of what I read every day. I update the list every month or so, adding some and deleting others that lose my interest. For those who want to see my entire web reading list as of this month, you can download a zip file with everything I visit, here.

We all love to surf the web. We all probably waste a lot of time doing it, so I figure, why not learn something while we’re putting off the real work of the day for a few minutes?

Have fun learning and growing!

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