Gallery Opening a Big Success

thecoloniepublicopening_21mar2008_0006I’m a very fortunate man. The public opening at The Gallery at The Colonie was a great success. Turnout was great. I would have to estimate about half of the people in attendance I hadn’t met before, which is really incredible. I’m very grateful for all the kind words and support I received from everyone I met that evening.

A couple of the models featured in the exhibit stopped by, which I love, because they should bask in the glory as well. I couldn’t do what I do without them.

Gipsy Trio performed their wonderful french influenced vintage string jazz. These guys can really play and it was  a perfect addition to the evening. You can check out some new videos of their music at the link a couple of sentences back.

thecoloniepublicopening_21mar2008_0014Over the course of the evening I had the opportunity to answer many questions about the retrospective of my work that was on display. Sometimes creating the images is like working in a vacuum and getting to discuss how and why I do what I do is always great fun for me. Lots of very intelligent people and engaging discussions.

One group that stopped by included viewers from France and Germany. We talked about my travels to both of those wonderful countries and art and politics. I love having conversations like that.

I was also showing recent photographs I made while I was in New Orleans last month. I like to shine a light on subject matter that needs to be remembered and the Lower Ninth Ward there and all the communities still in disrepair from Hurricane Katrina need all the attention they can get.

thecoloniepublicopening_21mar2008_0016And even though with the economy in the state that it is, I still managed to make a few sales. Rather amazing.

I received a few inquiries about getting on the Billy Sheahan Photography email list for free monthly postcards and future events, so here’s the link for that. (

And for those who want actual postcards in the mail, here’s the link for that as well. (

It was a perfect evening and after we closed up for the night, we headed over to Debonaire Social Club for the after-party to celebrate.

Thanks again to everyone who attended and their continued support.

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