Inspiration Day

neworleans_08feb2009_0215_6_7_tonemapped-1Today was inspiration day. Sometimes I forget to put down my camera and experience things with my own eyes when I’m traveling. So today I mostly put down my camera and headed to the French Quarter to a very specific photography gallery that’s been on my list.

A Gallery for Fine Photography is actually a museum as much as it is a photo gallery. Beautiful original prints by Diane Arbus, Andre Kertesz, Alfred Stieglitz and my favorites, Helmut Newton and Henri Cartier-Bresson are all on display. There’s nothing like seeing an actual silver gelatin print by these masters. Completely inspiring.

Tonight was the New Orleans Photo Alliance lecture on the Desire exhibition. Another inspiring part of my trip here. Mayumi Lake talked about her photography and discussed all the photography she had selected for the exhibit. It was fascinating to hear why she chose what she did and what she saw in each piece. It was tremendous to hear her talk about my own work as well as the other brilliant photographers on display.

neworleans_08feb2009_0221Then, the handful of out of town photographers, including me, each got up to discuss how we created our pieces and the meaning behind them. It was a rare night of discussion about our art and how passionate we all are about it.

After the lecture, many of us headed to The Upperline Restaurant for a completely delicious New Orleans meal where the discussion continued for another few hours.

Tomorrow I’m heading into the Ninth Ward with Mayumi and fellow photographer Andrea Caldwell to photograph the post Katrina conditions here. I’ll be very curious to see what our three individual perspectives and experiences find in our lenses.

Now off to bed to rest a bit of a cold I’ve managed to catch here, ironically in the sunny 75 degree weather.

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