Beautiful New Orleans

neworleans_06feb2009_10_11Before I say anything else, this is right outside my front door. I open my door and this is what I see. It’s the Patio Degas at Maison St. Charles where I’m staying while I’m here. A beautiful patio where I spend a lot of my time when I’m not out and about in this amazing city.

There are tables and chairs and it’s a great place to relax and unwind. I love it! Great for writing in the warm sunshine. It’s nice to write outside again.

Last night I decided to head to the French Quarter and even though the streetcar runs right past my hotel, I really like to spend time on foot. Nothing like becoming a part of a city by walking it. I find I do that in any city I’m visiting.

As I’ve been saying, my first destination was Café du Monde near Jackson Square. I spent a lot of time there the last time I was here and I’ll probably do the same this time.

It’s about a two mile walk from my hotel in the Garden District to Café du Monde in the French Quarter. It was great to reaquaint myself to the places I visited the last time I was here. It all came back very quaickly. Another reason to set out on foot.

neworleans_06feb2009_0032_3_4_tonemapped-1At Café du Monde, you grab a table and one of the waitstaff sitting along the wall comes over to take your order. A great mix of old and young servers. Hanging out, taking occasional smoke breaks on the street. You can feel the heartbeat of New Orleans here.

After my first delicious bite of beignet, I  remembered, oh yeah, lean over the table, as the powdered sugar began to cover my shirt like an amateur coke addict. No matter.

I decided to walk through Jackson Square, remembering the last time I was here we were filming a Tresemme hair commercial. It’s funny how the memories come flooding back.

I walked down Bourbon Street. Still amateur hour there. And for a guy who photographs a lot of boobies, it was still a bit of an overload. What some people will do for some cheap beads. Oh well.

neworleans_06feb2009_0080_1_2_tonemapped-1I walked out of the mayhem and found a nice little bar off the beaten trail on the way back to the Garden District on St. Charles with some great jazz pouring out the door and stopped in for a couple of beers. This was more like it. It was definitely a locals place. Much more my style.

Tonight is the opening of the “Desire” Exhibition at the New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery. I’m going to walk over there this afternoon and check it out before the doors open. Very exciting to be a one of a great collection of photographers showing there.

I can feel the sun beating down on my solar panel, what I call my bare head these days. I love my little patio home away from home.

Thanks to everyone who has been sending me their “must go to” places while I’m here. I’ll do my best to remember to put my camera down and check some of them out.

But for now, I’m off to do a bit more exploring and prepare for the opening tonight.

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