Wisdom from Ira Glass

Since I’ve been talking a lot lately about the craft of creative excellence, I thought I’d pass on another great link for some inspiration.

I’m a hug fan of Ira Glass and This American Life on NPR. There are a lot of programs on NPR that use the radio non-fiction story format, but the fact that TAL is so good and the others are… well… mostly not, shows how easy Ira makes good radio sound.

I’ve met Ira and actually bowled with him once (a story for another time), and I have a beautiful original print of a photo collage of him on my studio wall. It was made by a great photographer, friend and new media guru Mark Hinojosa while he was still shooting for the Chicago Tribune.

But the link I’m speaking of is on the site of very wise photo editor Rob Haggart at his A Photo Editor blog. The posting with Ira Glass is called Finding A Decent Story, Killing Crap and Reaching Your Potential and has two great video interviews talking about how difficult it is to actually produce good work.

It’s a great few minutes with Ira no matter what creative field you work in. Great especially if you’re just starting out and finding your creative vision.

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