Last Minute Desire

Ever since I can remember I’ve been a last minute kind of guy. Like an air traffic controller lining up planes in a graceful ballet, I always manage to get them on the ground, just in time.

I have a list of about 20 photography blogs I read almost every day. But one I never miss is Marketing Photos with Mary Virginia Swanson. Her blog is a marketing treasure trove of opportunities for photography contests, lectures and other important news.

Tonight I clicked on it and grimaced, wondering if I’d missed a submission deadline for the New Orleans Photo Alliance Exhibition called Desire which begins in February. I scrolled down….

Midnight. Tonight.

Perfect. I had two hours to enter.

frances008_11aug2007_0327Now, in order to be a good air traffic controller, you have to be organized. At any given time I have access to any of 70,000 of my photographs, all stored, sorted and cataloged on two massive disk arrays.

I had been mulling which images to use for a few days, and since the deadline had arrived I made my final picks and a few mouse clicks later, they were uploading to the NOPA site.


I haven’t lost a plane yet, but I really do need to get an assistant on a full time basis around here.

I’ll find out in a week whether I’m flying to New Orleans next month. Exciting.

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