Billy Sheahan January 2009 Postcard


My parents are very private people. Bill and Mary come from a time when you work hard and do your best and things usually work out. I don’t fall far from the tree when it comes to my own ethics.

As is the circle of life, when you get up there in years, life can get complicated and it did for them. My mom suffered a series of strokes last year which initially left her without the ability to speak and without many critical motor skills. She fought and fought and has regained the ability to walk and talk again but her right arm has not regained any functionality and remains in a sling.

After four decades of traditional husband/wife roles, my dad found himself having to take over all of my mom’s duties at home, in addition to her increased health needs. And he’s risen to the challenge beyond all expectations.

His latest challenge is to get mom’s right arm working again. Along with physical therapy he discovered a method being used by injured soldiers to regain mobility of limbs not working due to brain injury. By getting my mom to relearn playing her violin, he’s hoping to help her rebuild the part of her brain that controls her right arm and hand. He’s doing this by learning to bow my mom’s violin with her. He bows and she uses her working left hand to press down on the strings on the neck of the violin. It’s nothing short of extraordinary.

And even though they remain very private about her progress, I thought photographs of them working together were too inspiring not to share.


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