A nod to two cool cats

I thought I’d shine a little spotlight on two friends of mine and their presence on the web these days.

I’ve worked with Mark Dascoli on and off for the last few years. He’s pretty amazing at taking good ideas and implementing them in a way that normal humans can find useful.

His latest venture is something called Creatives Etc. which will be an online directory of Chicago area creative companies and freelancers in production, post, photography, web design, advertising, and more. We’ve had things of this nature in the past, but Mark is the kind of guy who can take something like this and actually make it useful…. and more importantly, keep it up to date. That’s the piece that has been missing.

He’s set to launch early this year, so if you happen to be one of those people or companies above in Chicago, head over to creativesetc.com and enter your info into the new database so you’ll be set to go when it’s officially up and running. It’s free.

Another genius friend of mine, but in a completely different way is Ken Keirns. I’ve been fortunate enough to show with him at a few gallery exhibitions here in Chicago and he’s become a good friend since then.

Ken relocated to California a year ago and I couldn’t be happier for him. The move seems to have coincided with the rest of the world discovering him. It’s about time.

You can see his brilliantly witty and original painting at his website, and you can read about his adventures at his blog.

If you want to want to spend a few minutes looking at beautiful art that will make you smile (and not in a puppies dressed in raincoats sappy kind of way), spend some time looking at Ken’s work. You won’t regret it. I can’t describe it well enough here, except that it’s deliciously dark. Go have a look.

Oh and be sure to read the titles of each piece. Therein lies his witty genius!

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