A gathering of old friends

It was halfway through a party I threw last night we realized that among the many in attendance, a rather large number of my former and current assistants were all in the same room together. And it was a hot New York second before someone suggested we get a picture of all of us.

newyearsredux_18jan2009_0005We lined everyone up in order of time served, as it were, and we found we had a string from 1994 through the present. Jill, Sue, Shannon, Madeleine and Lyndsay who is currently working with me these days. Two others, Joe and Yvette were in town, but absent due to other obligations. But it was still quite the collection.

The occasion was my annual New Years Redux Party which I have been throwing on Martin Luther King Eve for the last few years. It’s a way to take a little of the pressure and drama off of the actual New Years festivities. A chance to redo a bad New Years Eve if you ended up having a bad one.

It’s usually a pretty good time and this one was no exception.

But it was back to business today. I met with the one of my new interns tonight to get our game plan in order for the next two weeks before New Orleans. The new prints are drying as I type this and in 24 hours they’ll be ready for framing.

I did finally find a good hotel in the Garden District a few blocks away from the New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery, so I’m looking forward to being within walking distance of that. One of the NOPA Gallery reps checked in with me today to make sure I was all set lodging-wise and had another suggestion for me if I was still looking. Very nice of them to call.

I think it’s going to be a wonderful experience. Can’t wait.

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