Voting Registration Deadline

Alright. We all now how important this election is. I’m tired of having to explain I’m not one of those Americans whenever I travel abroad.

So that being said, it’s important that we all vote. Deadlines are coming very quickly to register. In my home city of Chicago, the deadline is this Tuesday. Here’s the info.

For the rest of Cook County, Illinois, here’s your link. At both of those sites, you can check to make sure your registration is current.

The rest of you, Google your city or county and you’ll have what you need to make sure your voice is heard.

I saw a very interesting forum on CNN the other day called “World of Challenges,” hosted by Christiane Amanpour and Frank Sesno. On the panel were five former US Secretarys of State talking about the challenges the next US President is going to face. Very enlightening if you have an hour to brush up on what’s at stake.

In other non-political photography news. I’ve been going back over some shoots from the past three years with fresh eyes. It’s always amazing what I missed the first time around.

I’ve also really, finally become as good an editor and retoucher as I was when I was working exclusively in film. It’s been a three year study of pushing and pulling pixels the way I used to in the darkroom.

I showed a friend of mine my enlarger the other day. Covered in a sheet to keep it from getting dusty, but I haven’t used it in about four years. Part of me missed the old chemistry days, but there’s something nice about not having to spend days in the dark to produce the same images I can today with sunlight shining in the windows. Healthier for my soul I think.

And so for those of you who read through my little voter encouragement above, here’s a little eye candy for your efforts. A beautiful image of Jillian that somehow was overlooked during my first round of editing after the shoot a couple of years ago.

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