Billy Sheahan Photography October Postcard… just in time

The horizon is a tricky place sometimes. What is out there? Is it a view of what is coming or where we have been? Are we moving forward or heading back into the same places we have been before? Learning from or repeating our same mistakes? Is what is in our future foreboding or something new and beautiful?

I find myself asking these questions a lot these days. We have so many choices. So many roads to chose. The unknown can be both exciting and risky. Do we take the leap and hope that what is on the other side is better than where we currently are?

I like what is different. I like the challenge of something new, far from the comfortable of what is familiar.

I made this photograph in Sante Fe, New Mexico last winter. I was asking myself these same questions as I looked off into the distance. Wondering if the choices I was making at the time and continue to make are the right ones. Sometimes you won’t find the answer until you head down that road, following your gut and armed with your past experiences, toward the horizon.


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  1. Love your new website Billy. Looks great. Been catching up on your blog entries for the last two months. I love your philosophizing about life and the world and agree with lots of it. Now if I could get my act together and blog too… where do you find the time and energy? Well, okay, maybe you can do with 2-3 hours of sleep, but I need more. Much more! 🙂

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