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I was standing in downtown Chicago today with a few friends when we spied a large bus across the street with large lettering on it: The Bush Legacy.

Billy at the Bush Legacy Tour Bus

Billy at the Bush Legacy Tour Bus

At first we all thought, well that’s pretty ballsy of him to have a tour bus promoting his legacy already. Then we realized as we continued to read the lettering on the side of the bus. Ohhhhhhh… it’s criticizing his would-be legacy.

It was the Bush Legacy Tour Bus and it was stopping in Chicago for a few hours on it’s way around the country. Since we had a few minutes, we hopped on to have a look. It was a traveling museum of the Bush Administration policies of the last nearly 8 years.

Yep… all the greatest hits were there. Katrina. The Iraq War. The environment. Health care. The economy.

Lots of photography of people affected by what has been going on in this country. Good photography.

Although maybe a bus is a bit much. I mean no one is more anxious for this Administration to vacate the White House than me, but it seems like most people, including the GOP, as evidenced by the practically Bush-less convention last week, have already moved beyond George W. Bush and Co.

We can continue to debate the disaster of the last eight years, or we can work to move forward to fixing what is broken. Americans are usually pretty lazy as a whole about keeping up with things that are going on beyond their driveways, but I’m hopeful that more people are getting involved.

More people are getting smart. Diversifying their news sources. (I read three online newspapers and at least six other sites of domestic and international new services every day.) More people are becoming aware of what is going on in the world and how the policies of the US really do affect the rest of the world.

I just hope it’s enough people.

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