One of the things I love about having a great network of photography friends is that we call each other all the time about various projects we’re working on. Sometimes it’s to bounce an idea off of the other or for advice on a tricky lighting situation or just to catch up.

I spent an hour on the phone today with a great photog I met in Santa Fe last winter called Christine Krieg. Her subject tomorrow, who I won’t disclose for the time being, is one of those rock legends who has mellowed in the past few years and is in the wine business now. As with most shoots of this nature, she has him for about 45 minutes at his location and so has to arrive with a boat load of equipment so she can have several lighting setups completed when he arrives on set since there won’t be time to set up and tear down between.

Santa Fe PhotographersChristine loves how I light and although I haven’t seen the location, she described it to me and we traded ideas on how to accomplish the most in the small time frame. I think it’s going to be a great shoot. Christine has a great way of putting people at ease when she’s photographing them and I don’t anticipate her having any trouble taming this rock god turned vintner!

I met Christine in Santa fe last winter at a photo workshop led by the genius photographer Doug Menuez. The group of us spent a week insppiring each other and it’s been great to keep in contact with all of them and hear about their continuing adventures.

Sarah Cramer is another of my photog buddies from Santa Fe and she just got back from Nicaragua with some amazing photographs of children there. Sarah has a way with kids that leaves me dumbstruck. In a moment through her photos you can see all at once the dreams, hopes and experiences in their faces. I’m in awe when I see her work.

But it wasn’t all work in Santa Fe. Every evening we’d venture out looking for a place to have dinner and unwind and continue the photography discussions late into the evening. Here’s a photo of the group of us in mid-dinner hunt. Nothing like a group of photogs out and about, shooting all the way.

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  1. Hey Billy! What a surprise to hear about me on YOUR blog! As you know just hearing your voice and encouragement made me feel I could pull off this assignment. THANK YOU! And yes, I do love the way your images are lit. The Billy touch is unmistakeable. Keep up the good work!

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