Billy Sheahan Photography July Postcard… better late than never

I’ve been doing a lot of fashion shooting lately. It’s always intriguing to make interesting photography of beautiful clothes on a lovely model. Clothes are always a challenge because I have to find the right balance between making sure the clothes are really prominently featured, but at the same time making a compelling photograph as well.

Not all fashion photography can be considered art, but I try to keep that idea in the back of my head while I’m composing the image. I love shooting fashion in natural light. I prefer the challenge of using what I have at that moment to make a good photo. Sometimes it requires waiting until the sun is in just the right position, or chasing it around my studio!

Karolina is a new model I’ve been doing some tests with. She’s tall and built to be a runway model and it was fun trying out different dresses until we found a few that really made her feel good. This Betsey Johnson was one of them.

Simple, elegant and natural.

You can see more of my fashion work at in the Portfolios section under Gallery of the Month.

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