A new billysheahan.com is born!

It’s best to get out of the way and let the work speak for itself, I’ve always said. And with that in mind, billysheahan.com has undergone a fairly massive face lift. The best websites are those where the viewer is always one click away from going anywhere they want to go, and this new incarnation accomplishes that philosophy better than any other site I’ve had.

The photography is the star, as it should be. Yet all pertinent contact information is always visible. It’s the brainchild of Rob Haggart, a photo editor at a couple of national magazines. I read his blog nearly every day. His belief is that most photographers have… well… just plain bad sites, and you’ve really only got about 20 seconds to impress photo editors, art directors and art buyers before they more on to the next site. Get the photography center stage pronto, or you’ll lose eyeballs.

So even though summer in Chicago is nearing it’s twilight, I barricaded myself in my studio so I could have four solid days of retouching and reworking my portfolios. And now the images are huge and beautiful. I’m quite happy with the results.

Jillian Ann in Vex ClothingAs I was editing the photos I came across a few that I had originally shot for a fashion layout with a talented model/musician friend of mine, Jillian Ann. But what I was looking for this time was something that was more than just a pose. A photograph that looked like it had some subtext rather than just a beautiful woman wearing beautiful fashion.

This image of Jillian leaves me wondering, what’s going on here? Is she sad? Getting her thoughts together before running on stage? Or telling someone to crawl across the floor to her? You decide.

I love going back and re-editing shoots from years past. A previously overlooked image from a prolific day.

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