Caio Bella

A quick one tonight. I’m off to the Motor City tomorrow to shoot a fashion show at MOCAD (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit). A fabulous stylist friend of mine called Jessica is doing all the hair for the show and in the midst of one of my busiest summers I can remember, I managed to carve out 24 hours to head up there.

The show is called Ciao Bella and should be a great time. Lots of great Italian designers, music and other fabulousness. Jessica and I have been looking for a way to get together and spend some quality time, so we thought this might be the best way.

Yeah, even with the economy hitting the skids, I feel really fortunate to be this busy. But it’s really been cutting into my sleep. Getting two hours of shut eye is what I call a good night the last couple of weeks. And even with throwing sleep out the window, I’m still having a hard time keeping up.

I’m so overtired that twice this week I’ve managed to leave the studio without zipping up my backpack. Today as I was jumping into a taxi, I was sliding my backpack off my shoulders when I heard something hit the street behind me. I turned around to see my MacBook skidding across Washington Blvd. Amazingly, it was fine. Not a scratch. Luckily my cameras were in a compartment I had zipped up.

So on that note, Jessica just sent me my hotel information and I’m going to sign off and hopefully get reasonable number of hours of sleep tonight, because I have a feeling there will be no sleeping after the fashion show tomorrow before I return back to Chicago Friday morning.

Bonne nuit!

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