Paris Gallery Fun

The Paris Foncé (Dark Paris) show was really great on Saturday. Had a lot of fun and so many wonderful people attended. I love when my loft gallery is full of people, laughing, talking, looking at the art, heading up to the roof for more fun.

Somehow the day of these events always leaves me with never quite enough time to get everything ready and as usual I was jumping into the shower 15 minutes before it was set to begin. Luckily no one showed up too early. Half the time it seems I’m answering the door in a robe at these things. This time, thankfully, not the case.

The Paris photographs looked great all up together for the first time. Robert brought over the usual delicious quantity of wine, the weather was beautiful, and I spent the evening talking to as many people as I could, always feeling like I couldn’t spend enough quality time with everyone.

It was a very chill night considering all the frantic activity that was going on right up until the last minute. But by 1am, I was pretty tired. The last few of us just sat around and enjoyed the summer breeze coming in through the windows, talking and laughing.

One unusually perfect sideshow of the evening was that the Naked Bike Ride happened to go past on Washington Blvd a few hours into the party, so we turned off all the lights, stood in the windows and watched the several hundred strong body painted and exposed skin of humanity ride past.

Sort of perfect seeing that usually I have my naked photography on exhibit, but since this was a Paris only show, the riders filled in. Very nice of them.

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