Life is so…

I’m in a funny mood tonight. Not funny haha, but funny bemused. I’m smiling a lot these days, even though there are plenty of reasons out there not to. But I just feel so damned lucky anyway.

I spent the day photographing a beautiful new model, and then heading out to Taste of Randolph with one of my great friends and two of her friends. We were quite the international bunch, trading stories of chance encounters and world adventures.

You know it’s going to be a good story when someone begins with, “This one time, when I was in Bolivia…”

But back to this smile. I can’t quite define what I’m feeling, only that I feel like I really do have the world by the tail. Life is pleasant, challenging and exciting.

I really don’t know where my life journey is going to lead me. It seems like the horizon is a bit fuzzy right now, but it’s certainly not boring. I’m enjoying the ride.

The photo above is one I took during a lightning storm in Paris a couple of years ago. You never know what you’re going to find on the horizon unless you bother to look closely.

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