Billy Sheahan Photography May Postcard

There are plenty of reasons why Paris is called the City of Light. Certainly because of it being a center of education and ideas as well as it being an early adopter of the beautiful street lighting when day turns to night. But beyond that, I find that even the daylight has a certain quality that is unmatched in most places in the world. It’s perhaps the most evident during the Paris spring.

I approached a recent project in Paris looking to make photographs that were different than those I have made before here. Shooting almost exclusively in the middle of the night, I explored the streets on my own while most of the city slept. I began to chart when the lights would come on and then turn off in the middle of the night and find the most interesting times to discover the darkness of Paris. Paris Foncé.

Even in the daylight I was looking for the dark theme, almost foreboding in some ways. Yet still beautiful. I made this photograph of the Seine and Pont Neuf on a day I had gievn myself a day off from shooting, but when I walked outside my apartment and saw the paradox of dark sky and bright sunlight, I was glad I had thrown my camera in my bag just in case. It was hours before the sun set, yet still had the qualité noire I was looking for. Gloaming in the City of Light.

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