Billy Sheahan Photography June Party Postcard

Saturday, 14 June 2008 7pm – midnight

Paris Foncé (Dark Paris)

Billy Sheahan Photography Studio Gallery

1017 W. Washington, Suite 3F Chicago, IL

The moment I click the shutter is really the moment for me. Finding the right subject. Composing. Waiting. Click. The moment of commitment. But there are other aspects of photography I also enjoy. Standing back and looking at a group of images displayed on a gallery wall.

One of those moments will be happening this month as I exhibit new work from the Paris Foncé series at my studio gallery. I’ve been editing, reviewing and printing images from my recent time in Paris, which has been been very rewarding. Even though it’s more common to look at images on the web, there’s nothing like seeing an actual print.

I’ve been lucky enough to see original prints made by some of my photographic influences at various galleries around the world. Always inspiring. So it’s nice to see my own work in a collection on display as well. Something about being able to walk up to a print and see the texture and detail. Looking at it and see what part of you is reflected back. Experiences. Life. It’s always a moment I enjoy.

You can see more of the Paris work that will be exhibited at in the Portfolios section under Gallery of the Month.

Hope to see you there!

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