Dimanche à Paris

A few people have asked me what my little apartment in Le Marais looks like. It’s small, but perfect for my needs and I put together a rather Picasso-like photo montage of it.

My midnight excursions have been continuing here. I’ve been walking between 10 and 15 miles a day, setting out in a direction with a particular type of photograph to make and I don’t come back until I know I have it.

And sometimes there are surprises along the way. Last night I was walking along the Seine on Avenue de New York, past a large building with a huge courtyard. I heard the thumping of deep bass and drumming. As I walked up the stairs to the terrace, I saw that a large rectangular reflection pond area, which was now dry, was full of kids. And in the middle of it all were a couple of fire performers.

I continued on and took a picture of Le Tour Eiffel from the same place I have since 1994 along Avenue Albert de Mun. It’s become sort of a tradition for me to take a picture from that nondescript place.

Earlier in the day I visited Maison Europeenne de La Photographie Ville de Paris. There was an exhibit there by an artist called Georges Rousse who creates large photographs in a series called “Bending Space” where he painstakingly paints shapes in open spaces but can only be seen correctly from one specific vantage point. The shapes appear to hover in mid-air, yet they are actually painted on the walls, stairs, pipes, beams and other characteristics of the space.

As i walked through the gallery, I thought it was quite apropos. So many times I find myself walking around a problem not being able to figure it out. As much as I try, there doesn’t seem to be an answer until I look at it again from a very specific vantage point.

Most of the time when I travel, I get a very specific clarity of vision. On this trip however, I’m left with more questions than answers. Perhaps before I leave Paris, I’ll find the specific place to stand to figure some of those out.

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