Bonjour de Paris

“Do you know Paris?”

I was unpacking and my landlord, Eric, stopped by to check on me and make sure everything was good.

“Yes,” I said. “It feels like being home again.”

My apartment is in Le Marais, so I’ve been hanging out on the right bank for the first few days. But it seems like I have so many memories here that I’ll be heading back into some of my favorite rive gauche neighborhoods before too long.

My french is a bit rusty, but I’ve pretty much been speaking only french since I got on the plane and it seems to be coming back. Eric seemed surprised that I knew so much.

I told him I was a photographer and showed him my portfolio, especially my work in Paris, although he seemed just as interested in my nudes. He’s a great guy and a phone call away in case I need anything, but I told him he probably wouldn’t hear from me until we meet back up the day I depart.

I found my Paris feet very quickly this time. I’m feeling like one of the Parisiens, dodging the tourists with their maps out. I’ve done almost no shooting since I’ve been here, just getting familiar with the pace I’ve grown to love over the years, but I did make one image of Notre Dame during my evening walk.

I’ve been testing a new 3D lens I brought with me. I’m looking forward to using it, but it’s more of a long lens than I usually shoot here with and I have to really get far away from my subject to compose a good image. This image here is not with that 3D lens. Just my 28mm that has become my go to lens when I travel.

And speaking of, I’m traveling extremely light this time. When Morgan and I were here a few summers ago, we arrived with six suitcases full of clothes and shoes because we were shooting so much fashion on that trip. This time, I went the other direction. A backpack and one small carry on suitcase. One camera. Three lenses and couple changes of clothes. That’s about it.

Feels better to get back to basics this time.

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